Graphic Design & Print Media studio

Our team is a combination of tasteful and talented young people and experienced and up-to-date professionals. We have worked in various fields and industries such as infrastructure industries, food industries, fashion, B2B businesses, manufacturers and contractors, and trading companies. In this department, our main activities are divided into the following two categories:

Visual Identity

  • Logo Design | Logotype | Logo Redesign


Office set design

  • Office Papers
    (Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope)
  • Vouchers | Stamp| Folder
  • Letter of Appreciation, Certificate
  • Invitation Card | Greeting and Postcard with Special Blade Envelope | Visit Card, Credit Card, etc. | Warranty and Guarantee Card
  • DVD Cover | Desktop Stand | Desktop and Wall Clock Automatically

Print media design

  • Brochure | Magazines

  • Calendar | Instructure note | Booklet |
    Newspaper Design
    (general structure of the newspaper, typeface and pagination)

  • Book
    (layout and illustration

  • Business Profile | Presentation template



  • Boxes | Cardboard bag | Disposable tableware design (glasses, plates, saucers, etc.) | Shopping bags | Gift wrap paper | Product label

outdoor advertising structures & billboards

  • Input panel | Entrance table | Decorative tablecloth | Help panel | Foam board | Poster | Banner | Flexi types Strabord |
    Stand (pop-up, roll-up) | Statues and memorials Lightbox | Metal frame

Advertising designing

  • Trakt | Ad (Quarter, Second, Full-Page Newspaper)
  • Integrated Bus Body Advertisements
  • Bridge and Billboard Deck Environmental Advertising
  • Walber, Hangar, Dangler
    (Information Tools in Stores That Hang From the Ceiling)
  • Sticker and Window Freezer (Store Floor, Window)
  • Talker shelf (a Tool Used to Inform the Width of the Floors on Store Shelves. It is Usually a Cardboard that is Folded, Half of Which is Under the Product and the Other Half, Placed on the Front of the Floor or Shelf, or a Strip that is The Body of the Shelf Sticks.
  • Banting (information tool that is usually printed on cardboard or talc and stretched from one side of the store to the other as a thread (repeating one or more related designs)
  • Maquette | Official flag (desktop, standing)
  • Advertising Banner Stand

Typeface Design

  • Web Pen Design | Title pen design |  Text font design |
    Design a family of letters in different weights

Uniform Design

  • T-shirt | Hat | Engineering Hats uniform | Brooch

Digital media Design

  • UI/UX design, Application, and Software design
  • Types of Digital Advertising Banners
  • Types of CTA
  • Email Signature |  Email Marketing Template
  • Social Media Posts and Story Templates
    (Carousel Post and Slider, Puzzle Post, etc)


Here are some of our clients we have had the honor of working with: