branding & strategic planing hero

Branding & Strategic Planning Dpt.

Our team is a combination of tasteful and talented young people and experienced and up-to-date professionals. We have worked in various fields and industries such as infrastructure industries, food industries, fashion, B2B businesses, manufacturers and contractors, and trading companies. In this department, our main activities are divided into the following two categories:

Brand consultancy

  • Brand Development
  • Rebranding Services
  • Brand Strategic Planning
  • Brand positioning & centralizing

Market research

  • Competitors analysis
    (strengths and weaknesses, threats, differences, opportunities)
  • Target Market identification

Brand strategy

  • Choose a brand name
  • Brand structure
  • Brand Story
  • Brand statement (Tagline, Slogan)
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Brand Identity
  • Brandbook

Develop an organization branding strategy plan

  • Designing and Implementation of Organizational Branding IT Services

  • CRM integration solutions 

  • project documentation in specific and standard templates such as Rup


Here are some of our clients we have had the honor of working with: