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Advertising & Digital Marketing Dpt.

Our team is a combination of tasteful and talented young people and experienced and up-to-date professionals. We have worked in various fields and industries such as infrastructure industries, food industries, fashion, B2B businesses, manufacturers and contractors, and trading companies. In this department, our main activities are divided into the following two categories:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords Research and Development

Competitors Analysis

SEO Strategy

Preparation and Installation of Original Analysis Tools

Site Audit :
(Analysis | Troubleshooting | Fixing All Site and Console errors)

Technical SEO :
(Speed ​​Optimization | Infrastructure | Source Code | Mobile Version Optimization | AMP Version Design)

Internal SEO :
(Content SEO | Information architecture and optimization of metadata and Schema | Internal linking | Analysis of all errors, 404 pages, Broken Links, Pages no-index, and correction of all-Concept Pages)

External SEO :
(PBN design | Formulation, and Implementation of backlink Strategy | Management, Analysis, and Troubleshooting of External SEO | Modification of all Inbound and Outbound Links | Ad Reporting | Comment Marketing | Launching Social Signal | GMB Registration and local SEO)

Website design & development services

  • business website
  • ecommerce  website
  • Personal branding website
  • Web Application
  • Dedicated Programming & Implementation of  Specific Website Features
App design

mobile app and software design and development

  • Organizational Software :
    (CRM | Process Management | Dedicated Project Control Tasks |  Financial Software, etc.)
  • Plugins and Extensions

Social media services

  • Launching and updating profiles
    (Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook, etc.)
  • Performance Report | Developing a Strategy Tailored to Target Audience
  • Increasing User Efficiency and engagement rate | Gamification and Increasing , Follower, Likes, Views, Comment
  • Centralizing all Online Platforms
  • Social Media Robots

IT services

  • Technical Support | Updating | Website Security, And Maintenance Platforms
  • Web Hosting and Email Hosting Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Assigning Dedicated Hosting and Email Services
  • Network Setup | Management Services | Network Security

Campaign analysis and optimization

  • Market Research, Competitors Analysis
  • Planning and Implementing Lead Generation and Database Services
  • Budget Management, Analysis, and Organizational Optimization of Campaigns to Strengthen Effective Channels
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) And Increasing Sales Of Targeted Advertising

Advertising strategy
And 360 degree campaigns and sponsorship

Environmental advertising

  • Advertising ATL, BTL, TTL
  • Vehicle advertising
  • Performing Roadshows
  • Production of TV network and Stream media ads
  • Billboard advertising
  • All Public Media Advertising Spaces for Sale
    (Malls | passages | commercial complexes, etc.) | Public Centers (e.g. Airports | Offices, etc.)
Environmental advertising

Online advertising

  • Click Ads
    (Google Ads | Google Display | In-App Ads)
  • Digital Banner Ads | Site-Wide | Sidebar
  • Video Ads and Pre-Roll on Video-Driven Platforms
  • Lightbox, Pop-Up, and Push Notification
  • Email Marketing and SMS Marketing
  • Social Advertising, Social Media Promotions, Influencer Marketing
  • Data Mining and Reporting from all Visitors and Advertising Campaigns

Exhibition services

  • Holding 0 to 100 conferences, exhibitions, events, etc.
  • Designing the annual program of advertising and exhibition calendar
  • Booth, exhibition structures and stands construction and Designing services
  • Unique promotional gifts


Here are some of our clients we have had the honor of working with: